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Environmental Sci and Eng
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Active Research

Screening Endocrine Activity of Disinfection Byproducts
Student Researchers: Paul Ebohon, MS; Breanne Holmes, MS; Megan Nunes, MS

Evaluating Changes in Distributed Water Quality after Chloramination through Measurements of Cytotoxicity and Organic N-Containing Disinfection Byproducts
Student Researchers: Jennifer Chu, MSPH; Bonnie Lyon, PhD; Rebecca Milsk, MS; Kirsten Studer, MS

Examining Disinfection by-Products During the Production of High Quality Recycled Water
Student Researcher: Ariel Atkinson, BS

Irrigation of Crops with Recycled Wastewater: a Remediation Technology or Safe for Consumption
Student Researcher: Ramon (DC) Alatorre, MS; Kasia Grzebyk, BS