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Completed 2006
Impact of Residual Pharmaceutical Agents and their Metabolites in Wastewater Effluents on Downstream Drinking Water Treatment Facilities

Completed 2007
The Fate and Transport of Steroid Estrogens and Nonylphenols through Soils

Completed 2008
Use of Indicators to Distinguish Between Point and Non-Point Sources of Chemical Contamination in North Carolina Streams
Characterization of the Chemical Constituents of Mixed Oxidant Disinfection

Completed 2009
Occurrence of Selected Pharmaceutically-Active Compounds and Personal Care Products in Treated Wastewater and Drinking Water
4-Lab Study Priority Chlorination Disinfection Byproduct Analysis

Completed 2010
Screening for Anthropogenic Sources of Contamination of Surface Waters Using Synchronous Scan Fluorescence
Iodinated Acids and Iodide in Drinking Water Supplies: Method Development for ng/L Levels of Detection Relevant for Application in Occurrence Surveys

Completed 2012
Impact of UV Location and Sequence on By-Product Formation
The Occurrence and Fate of Biochemically Active Compounds in North Carolina Drinking Waters