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Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

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Chapters in Books

"Characterization of Engineered Nanoparticles in Natural Waters" In: Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry, Volume 59, 2012, Pages 169–195. Elsevier.

"Drinking Water Quality for the 21st Century - New Technologies for a New Era". In: Water Resources Quality, edited by H. Rubin et al. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2002.

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Conference Papers
* For a more up-to-date list, please contact Howard Weinberg.


6th Annual American Water Works Association Eastern Regional Conference, Sea Trail Resort and Conference Center April 22-24:
(i) L.A. Richards and H.S. Weinberg. “Antibiotic Fate and Transport in Watersheds.”
(ii) A.C. Sykes and H.S. Weinberg. “Mixed Oxidants: An Alternative to Chlorine for Disinfection. What is in them?”
(iii) A. Parks and H.S. Weinberg. “Nonylphenol isomers and triclosan in biosolids: The potential for organic contaminants in biosolids to be used as chemical indicators of non-point source pollution.”
(iv) K. Weissbach and H.S. Weinberg. “Iodoacids in our drinking water: The Challenge to Identify Low-Level By-Products of Chronic Health Concern”.

233rd American Chemical Society National meeting, Chicago, IL, March 25-29:
(i) H.S. Weinberg, S.A. Eslinger, and P.C. Singer. “Impact of Point-of-Use Treatment on Disinfection Byproduct Levels in Ingested Drinking Water.”
(ii) N. Bodin, H.S. Weinberg, S.W. Krasner, S.D. Richardson, J. G. Pressman, T.F. Speth, R.J. Miltner, and J.E. Simmons. “Methodological Approach for Measuring Priority DBPs in Reverse Osmosis Concentrated Drinking Water”.

Water Resources Research Institute Annual Conference, Raleigh, NC., March 27-28:
A. Parks and H.S. Weinberg. “Nonylphenols and Triclosan as Potential Chemical Indicators of Non-Point Source Pollution in Surface Waters”.


SETAC North America Conference, Montreal, Canada, November 5-9:
B.D. Stanford and H.S. Weinberg. “Competitive Sorption between Nonylphenols and Steroid Estrogens: Analytical Methods and Batch Study Results”.

Northeastern Regional Meeting (NERM) of the American Chemical Society, Binghamton, NY, October 5-7:
B.D. Stanford and H.S. Weinberg. “Nonylphenols and Steroid Estrogens in Septic and Soil-Water Systems: Analytical Methods and Batch Study Results”.

American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition, San Antonio, TX, June 11-15:
P. Singer, D. Savitz, H. Weinberg and A. Herring. “Disinfection By-Product Exposure and Pregnancy Loss”.

NCSU Soils and On-Site Wastewater Training Academy On-site Wastewater Treatment Conference, Raleigh, NC., Oct 25-27:
(i) T. Chalew and H. Weinberg. “Developing Indicators of Contamination Originating from On-Site Wastewater Treatment”.
(ii) B. Stanford and H. Weinberg. “Hormones and Nonionic Surfactants in Septic and Soil Samples: Analytical Methods and System Evaluation”.

Water Resources Research Institute Annual Conference, Raleigh, NC., April 5:
(i) K. Stauffenberg and H. Weinberg. “Preparing the Framework for Evaluating Microbial Resistance in Surface Waters and Sediments”.
(ii) T. Chalew and H. Weinberg. “Developing Chemical Indicators of Surface Water Contamination Distinguishing On-site Wastewater Treatment and Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Sources”.


American Water Works Association Water Quality Technology Conference, Quebec City,Canada, Nov 2-5:
V.J. Pereira, K.G. Linden, and H.S. Weinberg. "Photodegradation of Pharmaceutical and Contrast Media Agents in Surface Water by Direct Photolysis and UV Advanced Oxidation Processes"

3rd International Congress on Ultraviolet Technologies, Whistler, BC, Canada, May 24-27:
V.J. Pereira, K.G. Linden, K. G. and H.S. Weinberg. "Direct photolysis and UV advanced oxidation processes of pharmaceuticals in surface water."


4th International Conference on Pharmaceuticals and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Water, Minneapolis, MN, Oct 13-15:
(i) Z.Ye, H.S. Weinberg*, and M.T. Meyer. "Occurrence of Antibiotics in Drinking Water";
(ii) V.J. Pereira, K.G Linden, H.S. Weinberg*, "Photodegradation of Pharmaceutical and Contrast Media Agents in Surface Water by Direct Photolysis and UV Advanced Oxidation Processes."


American Water Works Association Water Quality Technology Conference, Philadelphia, Nov 2-5:
"Occurrence of Antibiotics in Drinking Water Sources and their Transformation in Chlorine Disinfection";
"Stability and Persistence of Ozonation Byproducts in Chlorinated and Chloraminated Drinking Water";
"Relationship Between Halogenated Furanones, Haloacetic Acids, and Trihalomethanes in Chlorinated Natural Organic Matter";
"Approaches for the Identification of New Ozonation By-Products in Drinking Water";
"Temporal and Spatial Variability in Brominated Speciation of Disinfection Byproducts in Water Distribution Systems"; and
"Estimating Average Daily Exposure To Disinfection By-Products In Drinking Water By Examining Alternate Ingestion Pathways."


"Approaches to Determining Whether Pharmaceutical Residues are Present in NC Drinking Waters". Water Resources Research Institute Annual Conference, Raleigh, NC. April.


"Determination Of New Carbonyl-Containing Disinfection By-Products In Drinking Water"; "The Occurrence Of A New Generation Of DBPs (Beyond The ICR)"; "Improvements in Extraction of MX-analogues from Drinking Water"; "Analysis of Epoxides in Drinking Water Using In Situ Derivatization and Detection by ECD and CI-MS". Water Quality Technology Conference, Nashville, TN November.

"The Uptake of the Water Disinfection By-Product Bromate into Foods During Home Processing"; "Spatial and Temporal Variability of Disinfection By-Products in a Water Distribution System". Eleventh Annual Meeting ISEA, Charleston, SC November.

"Chemical and Toxicological Evaluation of Chlorinated and Ozonated-Chlorinated Drinking Water: a Collaboration of the Four National Labs of the U.S. EPA"; "Application of Electrospray/Atmospheric Sampling Glow Discharge Ionization for Direct Analysis of Polar Disinfection By-Products". 49th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, Chicago, IL May.

"Application of a New Ionization Source for Direct Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Semi-volatiles". 115th North Carolina ACS Section Meeting, North Carolina State University, April. Dalton, C.N.; Ye, Z.; Weinberg, H.; Glish, G.L.

"Development of a Research Strategy for Integrated Disinfection By-Products Mixtures Research Toxicological and Chemical Evaluation of Alternative Disinfection Treatment Scenarios". Microbial/Disinfection By-Products Health Effects Symposium March.

"Integrated Technology-Based Toxicology Studies on Drinking Water Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs)". Application of Technology to Chemical Mixtures Research, Colorado State University, CO, January.


"Methods for the Identification of New Disinfection By-products in Drinking Water". International Society for Exposure Analysis, 10th Annual Conference, Monterey, CA, October.

(Invited Plenary Speaker) "DBPs in Drinking Water; the Analytical Challenge for the Next Generation of DBPs Derived from NOM." International Ion Chromatography Symposium, Nice, France, September.

(Invited Seminar) "Effective Quality Control for Accurate Measurement of HAA9 Using Diazomethane Derivatization"AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, November.

"Evolution and Application of an Analytical Method for Nine Halogenated Furanones in Drinking Water", " Measurement of sub-mg/L Levels of Bromate in Chlorinated Drinking Waters", "Determination of Newly Identified Disinfection By-Products in drinking Water".AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, November.

(Poster) Investigation of Disinfection By-Products in Drinking Water Using Solid-Phase Extraction and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry; Solid Phase Microextraction for Trace Level Analysis of Disinfection By-Products. 48th ASMS Conference.


"Control of Haloacetic Acid Concentrations by Biofiltration: A Case Study". AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference, Tampa, FL November.

"Quantification of Nine Haloacetic Acids Using Gas Chromatography with Electron Capture Detection". Current Research into the Occurrence of New Disinfection By-Products in Drinking Water. ACS Spring Meeting, Anaheim, Ca, April.


"Import of pH Adjustment and Chloramination for the Control of Haloacetic Acid Formation in North Carolina Drinking Water". AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference, San Diego, CA, November.

"Application of Flow Injection to the Analysis of Total Cyanide in Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluents". WEFTEC, Orlando, FL, October.

"Cyanide Analysis in Wastewater; Observations and Solutions".NC AWWA/WEF Annual Conference, Durham, NC . November.

"Trace Element Analysis in Wastewaters".WRRI Annual Conference, Raleigh, NC, April.

"Overview of Isolation and Concentration Procedures Currently Applied to Drinking Water Disinfection By-Products", International Life Sciences Institute Workshop, Washington, DC, February.

"Solid Phase Extraction Techniques". International Life Sciences Institute Workshop, Washington, DC, February.


"Sub Part Per Billion Analysis of Bromate, Iodate, and Chlorite in drinking Water Using a New Post Ion Chromatography Column Reaction  and UV Detection". AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference, Denver, CO, November.

 "Formation of Bromate in a  Continuous Flow Ozonation Reactor". AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference, Denver, CO, November.

 "A New, Sensitive, and Selective Method for Determining Sub mg/L Levels of Bromate in Drinking Water". International Ion Chromatography Symposium, Santa Clara, CA, September


"Ozonation By-Products in Drinking Water"AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference, Boston, MA., November

"Evaluation of Chlorine Dioxide as a Treatment Technique for Compliance with the Disinfectant and Disinfection By-Products Rule". NC AWWA/WEF Annual Conference, Pinehurst, NC, November.

"Analysis of Trace Metals in Complex Matrices" EPA/WEF 19th Annual Conference on Analysis of Pollutants in the Environment,  Norfolk, VA, May.


"Formation and Control of Bromate in Continuous-Flow Ozonation Reactors"ACS Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL., August.


"Formation and Methods for  Detection of Disinfection By-Products"APHA 122nd Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., October.


"On-Line Pre-Concentration Techniques for the Analysis of  Bromate in Ozonated Surface Waters" International Ion Chromatography Symposium,  Baltimore, MD., Sept.

"An Overview of Recent Studies of Ozonation  By-Products"ACS Symposium, Washington D.C., August.

"Bromate Occurrence  and Control: Pilot and Full-Scale Studies"  AWWA Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX., June.

"Parts-Per-Billion Level Determination of Bromate in Ozonated Drinking Water Using Ion Chromatography" PITTCON, Atlanta, Ga., March.


"Control of Polar By-Product Formation in Ozonation Plants", and "Methodology for Plant Surveys; Analytical Pitfalls". AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference, Toronto, Canada, Nov.


"Occurrence of Bromate from Ozonation and Control Strategies". International Ozone Association Conference, San Diego, March.

"Oxidation By- Products Resulting from the Interaction of Chlorine Dioxide with Non-Ionic Surfactants". Chemical Oxidation - Technology for theNineties, 2nd International Symposium, Nashville, TN., February.

"Formation and Removal in Filters of Aldehydes by the Ozonation of Drinking Waters". 14th International Symposium on Wastewater and 3rd Workshop on Drinking Water,  Montreal, Canada, November.

"Modification and Application of Hydrogen Peroxide Analysis in Ozonation Plant Surveys". AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference, Orlando, FL., November.

"Trends in Aldehyde Formation and Removal Through Plants Using Ozonation". AWWA Annual Conference, Water Quality Division, Philadelphia, PA., June.