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Research Assistantship Positions (PhD, MS, MSEE, or MSPh level) for 2015/2016

Students with an undergraduate degree in chemistry, environmental sciences, or engineering with some chemistry background are welcome to join the Weinberg research group for their graduate studies. We are now interviewing candidates for the academic year beginning August 2015 at both the Masters level (MS or MSPh,) and PhD track with an interest in the research projects described on these webpages. Research Assistantships support students on focused research projects with monthly stipends and payment of tuition while Teaching Assistantships provide a balance of laboratory management and research with the same benefits. A limited number of scholarships are also available for the most highly qualified among all candidates. Your application must be received by December 16, 2014 to be considered for these. Finally, National Science Foundation and US EPA STAR Fellowship applications are usually due by October of the year before you begin your graduate studies (for this cycle it is late October 2014). If you feel you are competitive for these awards (or other national or international Fellowships) please make initial contact with me at least 3 months before the due date so that we can initiate discussions. In most cases you have to be admitted to our graduate program before you can apply for these fellowships and so we will want to expedite that process. Note that all these assistantships and awards are highly competitive. Please contact Howard Weinberg if you would like to discuss these opportunities further.

I am also prepared to consider students who are self-funded for a 1 year Masters degree (MSEE for students applying from outside UNC or MSPh/MS for candidates from within UNC ) that will provide considerable financial savings to them. Please initiate contact with me as soon as you are thinking of this as an option for you. If you are admissible to our graduate program and have career interests that I can provide guidance and work experience towards, then I can provide a research project for a limited number of Masters level students each year that could begin the summer before their first academic semester and be completed during the following summer.

Postdoctoral Scholars

For the years 2015 through 2017, I am available as a mentor for applicants who are successfully recruited to the Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity fellowship. I am most interested in mentoring students who have recently gained a doctorate in chemistry or engineering who wish to apply their experience and training in the area of public health while developing skill sets to address issues associated with the availability of a safe drinking water supply across the world. Please look at my research interests to see if your career interests can be met within my group and then look at the program information ( to see if you meet the acceptance criteria. Applications are due at UNC by November 15, 2014 for the academic year beginning August 2015 and on approximately the same anniversary date each year. If you are interested in exploring this option with me please write to me with the subject: Postdoc Diversity Program.

Undergraduate Research Experience

If you are a second year undergraduate at the UNC Chapel Hill campus and are considering a major in environmental science or environmental health, consider joining our group to obtain a research experience in the field of water quality and collective mentoring form a UNC faculty member and his graduate students. Click here to access the course requirements for the BSPH degree and then contact Howard Weinberg if you would like to set up a meeting.

Financial resources may be available for you to perform undergraduate research in our laboratories during the summer months. Applications must be made to the Office of Undergraduate Research no later than February of the year in which the summer research will be carried out.