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This page is a resource document of chemical analytical instrumentation for ESE Faculty, Students, and Staff. Although many of the analytical instruments listed on this page are dedicated to specific research projects, it is the goal of this PI through both the formal course ENVR 726 and hands-on training to provide the instrumentation for general use throughout the department. In order to ensure adequate training, scheduling, and care of instruments potential or first-time users are asked to first discuss their needs with Dr. Weinberg.

Gas Chromatographs
Liquid Chromatographs
Mass Spectrometers


Hewlett Packard Model 5890 Series II Gas Chromatographs with Electron Capture and Flame Ionization Detectors. 

Hewlett Packard 5890 Series II Gas chromatograph equipped with Mass Selective and Fourier Transform Infra-Red Detectors. 
Varian Gas Chromatograph interfaced with Saturn IV Ion Trap with Electron Impact, Chemical Ionization (both positive and negative ion mode) and Tandem MS/MS capabilities. 
Hewlett Packard Model 6890 Gas Chromatograph with Tekmar Purge & Trap and Electron Capture Detection. 
Hewlett Packard Model 6890 Plus+ Gas chromatograph with photoionization and flame ionization detector. Also has an attached Perkin Elmer Model ATD 400 thermodesorber for gas analysis. 
Hewlett Packard Model 5890 Series II Plus Gas chromatograph with Model 5989B Mass Sepctrometer ("Engine"). Capable of electron impact, positive chemical ionization, and negative chemical ionization (NCI) modes. Permits femtomolar detection in the NCI mode. 

Dionex DX300 Ion Chromatograph with Conductivity and Spectrophotometric Detectors. 

Hewlett Packard High Performance Liquid Chromatograph with Diode Array Detection. 
Waters High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (model 616 pump, 6000S controller) driven by Millenium software. The instrument has a 95 sample position autosampler (model 717 plus) and column temperature control and can be attached a variety of detectors including photodiode array (Waters model #996), Wyatt Technology interferometric refractometer and laser photometer. 

Perkin Elmer Model 603 Atomic Absorbance Spectrometer with Flame and Graphite Furnace Injection Modes. Autosampler can handle up to 50 samples while HGA 2200 controller permits optimization of furnace mode to maximize sensitivity. Flame mode is suitable for part-per-million analysis of metals in samples with a relative high ionic strength whereas for part-per-billion analysis by graphite furnace, a relatively metal-free matrix is required for maximum sensitivity. The instrument is equipped with deuterium background compensation and a variety of lamps are available for analysis of the following metals: Iron, Zinc, Cadmium, Manganese, Chromium, Lead, Strontium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium. Mercury analysis utilizes a hydride generation attachment. Additional metals may be analyzed on this instrument but users would have to supply their own lamps. 

Hitachi Model U3300 UV-Visible Double beam Scanning Spectrophotometer with thermostatted cell holder permitting a recycled flow of water at 200mL/minute from an attached temperature controlled recirculating pump. Computer attachment permits easy study of reaction kinetics. 
Jarrell Ash Model 955 Plasma Atomcorp Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer. 
N.M.R facilities are available on a service (cost/time used) basis in the Department of Chemistry (200, 300, 400 MHz instruments) and Biochemistry (Varian INOVA-500, 500 MHz instrument). Early in 1999 a 600MHz version of the latter will be available. 

High resolution mass spectrometry facilities utilize a VG70-250SEQ hybrid MS/MS system with direct-insertion probe, GC interface and Fast Atom Bombardment source, extended mass range, tandem quadrupole MS and multiple ionization techniques. 

Finnigan 4000 retrofitted with Analytica electrospray source. The instrument permits sample introduction by probe insertion, flow injection or by interface with LKB or Beckman High Performance Liquid Chromatograph. Mass detection range is up to 1000 Da and sensitivity can be achieved at the femtomolar level by selected ion monitoring. 

Rosemount/Dohrmann Total Organic Halogen Analyzer. 

Shimadzu Model 5000 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer utilizing the combustion, non-dispersive infra-red gas analysis method;  Allows analysis of TC, IC, DOC in water down to 50ppb as Carbon. The latter is dependent on the purity of the dilution water used to prepare calibration standards. A 78 posiiton autosampler is attached to the instrument for unattended analysis. 
Packard Model 2500 TR Liquid Scintillation Analyzer.